What Did Big Brother's 'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves Look Like Before All Of The Surgery?

He’s already stolen the show since arriving in the Big Brother house. But what did ‘the human Ken doll’ look like before he had all of that work done? Check out the video for an inside look!

As soon as we saw the line-up for this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, we knew it was going to be an explosive series. Between Chloe Ayling, Stormy Daniels, Roxanne Pallet, Gabby Allen, and surprise addition Dan Osborne from TOWIE, it was surely a recipe for hilarious moments and endless drama.

If there’s one person who stood out after the premiere on Thursday night, it’s got to the self-proclaimed ‘human Ken doll’ Rodrigo Alves. As soon as he arrived, he loudly announced that the party can start, and then started making demands left and right. Among those demands was a large supply of sparkling wine.

He then stripped down and started to grope and adjust his ‘lunch box’ before jumping in the hot tub. Surely this is only the beginning!

Before the surgery

After seeing him in action upon arriving 5th to the house, we all couldn’t help but ask ourselves the same question: what did he look like before all of the surgery? He claims to have had over £500,000 worth of work done all over his body, including botox, a butt lift, a fake ab implant, and the removal of several ribs so his clothing fit better.

Well wonder no more: check out the video and get a look at him before his transformation. It’s certainly not what we had expected.

Rodrigo Alves' Shocking Transformation from Human to Ken to Barbie Rodrigo Alves' Shocking Transformation from Human to Ken to Barbie