This is the age that women really start to look like their mothers

According to an enquiry led by the Harley Street Institute, women around the age of thirty will adopt the same behaviours as their mothers. Men will start to resemble their fathers around 34 years old

“Like mother like daughter”, “if you want to marry a woman, look at her mother”… there are plenty of sayings about mother-daughter relations. They are, however – sometimes – to be taken with a pinch of salt. Although people promise themselves that they will never be like their mum as an adult, when they reach the age of thirty, it is sometimes difficult to avoid! According to a study led by the Harley Street Institute, women tend to adopt the same attitudes as their creator when they reach 33 years old.

You will speak like her

Dr Julian De Silva, a plastic surgeon in London, has investigated this topic. After asking 2000 men and women, he noticed that the resemblance started to become obvious at the age of 33, the age when the English generally have their first child. Amongst the similarities most often seen: watching the same programmes – if you’ll soon be 30, you’re likely to find a new passion for A Place in the Sun or even Grey’s Anatomy very soon. Their favourite phrases and expressions will also become your own. Don’t be scared of saying them at every opportunity! Dr De Silva Stated:

We all end up like our parents at some point in our lives – and this is something that we should celebrate. Becoming a parent is the main trigger, but factors linked to lifestyle are also important.

The doctor also added that we unconsciously start to act like our parents when the physical resemblance increased. We aren’t sure that this study will make everyone happy, but we only have one mum, and we will all end up just like her!

Check out the video above for more on this study!

This Is The Age That Women Start To Look Like Their Mothers This Is The Age That Women Start To Look Like Their Mothers