The Best Sun Cream To Protect Your Face

To keep skin beautiful and healthy, it is important not to be exposed to too much UV. The face - rarely covered and therefore particularly affected by the sun - must be protected with even more care than the rest of the body. These are the best products to protect your face from the sun.

The Best Sun Cream To Protect Your Face
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The Best Sun Cream To Protect Your Face

The Best Sun Cream For Your Face

Thanks to the many warnings from doctors and dermatologists, we all know we need to protect ourselves from the sun when we go to the beach. But it's easy to forget that the sun's rays shine on us every day - even when it might not feel very hot. Though you might be keen to have a good tan, unfortunately, in the long term, sun exposure has negative rather than positive effects. Not only can it cause skin cancer but it also accelerates skin aging, making wrinkles appear prematurely. Therefore, it is essential to use a special sun protection on your face daily.

1. The best brands: There are many different kinds of sunscreen for the face. Take a look at the examples below for ideas.

-Shisheido UV protective compact foundation: Shiseido offers a compact foundation, which is easy to apply and discreet thanks to its matte finish. It costs about £24.

-Dior bronze beautifying protective creme sublime glow: With its bronze cream, Dior combines the virtues of a classic sunscreen with the benefits of a beautifully smooth texture: your skin will be both protected and radiant. It costs about £24.50.

-Lacôme soleil bronzer BB cream: This cream costs about £26 and offers a treatment combining a SPF50 with complexion-correcting pigments which help even out skin tone.

-Benefit dream screen: This product's texture is much lighter and offers an invisible protection that leaves a velvety effect on the skin. It costs about £27.

-Lancaster sun sport invisible face mist: This product is very practical and is perfect for women who are active and on the go. The cost is about £17.95 for the spray bottle.

-Clarins sun wrinkle control cream: This product is a great for protecting your skin against the sun plus it offers anti-aging benefits that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The cost is about £21.

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