The Best Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat
The Best Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat

The Best Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat

Do you want to lose belly fat fast? Ohmymag unveils a special flat stomach program with effective physical exercises and slimming tips.

The Best Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat

1. Exercises to lose belly fat: Here is a simple posture to adopt whether sitting or walking. Keep your back straight whilst contracting the abdominal muscles every time. You will quickly find your stomach becomes more-toned.

If you're looking to tone rather than lose weight then core strengthening exercises are in order. This exercise will strengthen the spine and all of the abdominal muscles. To refine the belly and waist: sit, legs outstretched, raise the legs, tilting backwards but keeping your back straight. Your body will form a very open V. To keep your back straight, you must work your tummy muscles. Your arms should be stretched out in front of you horizontally. Keep the position for 20 seconds, release, then start again for a few minutes.

2. Diet for losing belly fat: Changes in blood sugar lead to fat being stored around the belly: too much quick-acting sugar, refined grains, bread, and biscuits are likely the culprits. To quickly lose abdominal fat, you need to couple the exercises with a specific diet with less sugar. Replace refined grains with whole grains.

Start the day off right with a low-sugar breakfast - say goodbye to jam and orange juice. Wholemeal bread, a little butter, and some protein (egg, chicken, goat's cheese) will be an effective breakfast as part of your slimming program.

At each meal, put everything you're going to eat on one plate as this will prevent you from having an excessive amount of food. A suitable meal will include protein and a little whole starch, the main part being cooked green vegetables, and a small portion of raw vegetables. You can also add a yogurt. Finally, in order to get rid of abdominal fat faster you should remove starchy foods in your diet. Choose fruit as desserts or snacks as these will lighten the digestion of your midday meal and decrease the fermentation which causes bloating.

3. Tips for losing belly fat: Take care of your intestines! Probiotics to balance the bacteria in your gut will prevent intestinal fermentation, which causes bloating and a swollen belly. A herbal tea after each meal will also help you slim down your belly. Try fennel, green anise, peppermint or licorice: these plants all promote healthy digestion and reduces bloating.

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