The Benefits Of Using Pink Clay

Curious about pink clay? Ohmymag brings you the lowdown on this mineral powder that might soon become essential to your beauty routine!

The Benefits Of Using Pink Clay

1. Properties: A subtle mixture of red clay and white clay, pink clay combines the benefits of these two powders. This ancient ingredient is experiencing a revival today thanks to the trend for natural products. Rich in various mineral salts and trace elements, pink clay is perfect for helping cell regeneration and combating premature aging. Suitable for all skin types, this soft clay can be used for many home treatments for the skin, body, and hair.

2. Uses: Like all types of clay, pink clay (in powder or paste) can regulate, relieve, and even treat many skin conditions and repair damaged skin.

-For the face: You can use it pure as a mask or mix it with other natural ingredients like yoghurt, honey, or eggs. Pink clay is a breath of fresh air for all skin types. For dry skin, it provides intense hydration and relieves skin redness. For combination to oily skin, it restores balance, cleanses, and can massively reduce blackheads. It's also suitable for problem skin like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It also relieves itching and limits the progression of pimples.

-For the body: After a good body scrub, pink clay is the perfect thing to use to restore supple skin. Particularly good for dry skin, it provides a complete care to restore radiance, tighten tissues, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

-For the hair: Only a few people know about the cleansing and softening properties of pink clay on the hair. Make a hair mask and apply it on the scalp and it will absorb impurities, cleanse the scalp, and regulate the production of sebum. On the lengths and ends, it does wonders to restore radiance and softness to tired hair.

3. Cost: Whether you want to make your own masks with pink clay powder or buy ready-made pink clay, it will cost around £15 per kilo for the powder version and £6 for a 200g pot of a ready-made mask. Look in specialist organic stores or pharmacies to find the best quality product.

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