The Benefits Of Using Herbal Medicine

Plants are excellent health allies and provide several benefits for our body and mind. Ohmymag reveals all the benefits of herbal medicine.

The Benefits Of Using Herbal Medicine

1. Weight loss: In conjunction with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, herbal medicine can be extremely helpful if you are trying to lose weight. Plants such as artichoke, heather, and cherry stalks in the form of herbal teas or capsules have great diuretic powers. It activates the removal of excess water from the body which speeds up the weight loss process. Some plants also have a significant effect on suppressing appetite whilst dieting. To reduce appetite, opt for fucus capsules: once ingested, they swell in the stomach and give a feeling of being full. To burn fat faster, guarana and green tea are well-known herbal remedies for their high concentration of fat-burning caffeine.

2. Sleep aid: A large number of plants have long been recognised for their sedative power. Mainly consumed as infusions, marjoram, linden, passionflower, and lemon balm have soothing and anxiolytic properties which fight against anxiety and insomnia. You can take them as an infusion or in the form of capsules or tablets available in pharmacies. Lavender also has strong calming powers to fight against insomnia. It can be brewed or placed under your pillowcase so that its smell diffuses into your room.

3. Arthritis: Herbal medicine can perform miracles in the treatment of arthritis. Several plants, such as white nettle, blackcurrant, and harpagophytonum (also known as devil's claw) have very interesting qualities. In the case of white nettle, its mineral richness is beneficial for the reconsolidation of cartilage. Associated with other plants, the white nettle can be taken in infusion 2 to 3 times a day, for its anti-inflammatory effects. Blackcurrant leaves and berries can be used in the form of oil thanks to its high dose of omega-6. This can also relieve the pain caused by arthritis. Harpagophytum roots can also be used to treat arthritis provided you do not suffer from cardiovascular disease or stomach ulcers.

How To Lose Weight Using Herbal Medicine How To Lose Weight Using Herbal Medicine