Lamellar Water: This Treatment Will Make Your Hair Extra Shiny!
Lamellar Water: This Treatment Will Make Your Hair Extra Shiny!
Lamellar Water: This Treatment Will Make Your Hair Extra Shiny!
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Lamellar water: this treatment will make your hair extra shiny!

By Nancy Youm

Would you like to have soft, shiny, and silky hair every day? Well, we've found the perfect hair product to help you achieve just that.

Let's be honest: the way our hair looks when we leave the hairdresser's is often a far cry from what we manage to make of it in our own shower. But why? Well, it's not easy to find nourishing hair care that makes your hair shiny and soft.

Luckily, we've found a home-made hair treatment that could give you the same results you'd get at the hair salon. Yep, you read that right!

Lamellar Water: the Korean hair product everyone's talking about

Not long ago, a Korean hair treatment called Lamellar Water went viral. It's mostly made up of water, hydrating acids, and revitalizing agents, and this product will deeply hydrate your hair, as well as make it soft and shiny. And according to Grazia, the hair care brand Kérastase used it as inspiration to create their own "K Water."

How do you use this Lamellar Water treatment?

Wanna try this new treatment? Well, we have good news! It's suitable for pretty much all hair types. However, its effects will be more visible on dry and damaged hair.

All you need to do is apply this treatment after rinsing out your shampoo. Once you've applied the product to all of your hair, let the treatment sit for three to five minutes then rinse your hair with clean water. Repeat the treatment at least twice a week.

You should see results after a few days of use.

Where can you buy Lamellar Water?

Unfortunately, it's not on the market in Europe yet. However, one thing you can do is head over to Amazon and get yourself some "K Water" from Kérastase. You can snag it for about £ 53. Until now, this treatment was only available and sold to hairdressing professionals.

Tempted to try this revolutionary treatment?

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