Get glowing skin with this £6.99 beauty gadget from Aldi

Aldi are selling face rollers that could help tighten and contour your skin, all whilst giving you a relaxing massage, for just £6.99.

Aldi have jumped on the face roller trend and are now selling two face rollers that are much cheaper than many of the others currently on the market. As part of their ever-popular Lacura range, Aldi are selling Jade Face Rollers and Rose Quartz Face Rollers for £6.99 each–perfect for a stocking filler for someone who likes to be pampered!

What is a face roller?

Face rollers are tools designed to gently massage the delicate skin on your face and neck. They look a bit like mini paint rollers and can be made from a variety of materials including jade, amethyst, obsidian, rose quartz or metal.

They’re becoming more and more popular recently and can help reduce puffiness, flush out toxins, improve circulation, tighten pores and temporarily contour your face. They can also have anti-anxiety benefits for some people. You can also use them to apply moisturiser or other skincare products to your face.

Should I choose the Jade or Rose Quartz face roller?

Both face rollers can be used in a similar way, however there are some differences between the two. Firstly, rose quartz will stay cool for longer whereas jade will warm up the skin more. The jade roller is likely your best bet if you’re most interested in contouring as it’s slightly less smooth than rose quartz so will have more resistance.

The rose quartz roller may be best if you have sensitive skin as it’s believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Also worth considering is that the Lacura Rose Quartz Face Roller is still available to order online at Aldi, whereas you’ll have to hunt down a Jade Face Roller in-store as they’re sold out online.

Aldi is dropping a range of beauty buys to get glowing skin naturally Aldi is dropping a range of beauty buys to get glowing skin naturally