Autumn-Winter 2020 Hairstyles: Here Are 30 Trends To Adopt

Lacking inspiration when changing your look? Go for one of these 30 absolutely gorgeous hairstyles that will be very fashionable during the fall/winter 2020 season.

Short or longer bob, curly, straight or sophisticated hairstyles? There's a wide range of possibilities when it comes to changing your look! And when it's time to go to the hairdresser and you're hesitating, there's nothing better than looking at the current hair trends. We've told you which hairstyles will be in vogue in 2020, and it's time to go further and find out what the trends are for the autumn-winter period.

In fact, the perfect time of year to get a haircut is the end of summer. Why is that? Because your hair has suffered from summer dryness due to seawater and sun and is only asking for one thing: to be cared for and cut.

Check Out These 2020 Hair Trends!
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Check Out These 2020 Hair Trends!

Trendy hairstyles for autumn/winter 2020

For you, we've done an overview of the best hairstyles to adopt at the end of the summer. And to find out what the trends are, there is nothing better than looking at the styles of current fashionistas. From androgynous short cuts to wonderfully straight long hair, there's something for everyone.

From London to Milan to New York to Paris, it-girls have gone to great lengths to be stylish. Here's a sample of the most beautiful hairstyles we've spotted, to give you some inspiration.

By James Guttridge

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