5 Tips For Hair Extension

Going from short to long hair in just a few hours - sounds impossible, right? Ohmymag is here to show you that with the help of some hair extensions you can get an amazing result in a really short space of time! Watch our video to learn our 5 top tips.

5 Tips For Hair Extension

1. Trust your professional: Although these days there are more and more ways for you to put your own extensions in at home, it is always better to hand over to a professional (or at least a friend who knows what they're doing) for a top-quality result. A hairdresser specialising in extensions can offer you different processes to find the one that will allow you to get the best look possible out of your extensions.

2. Choosing your extensions: As with everything you will find higher quality extensions come with higher price tags. It's up to you to know what you are looking for in your extensions. Natural hair, especially Asian or Indian hair will give a more natural result. The method (weaving, clip, glue ...) will be up to the person who is doing your extensions: clipping is fastest but won't last as long as keratin glue. Weaving is the most natural method but it takes a long time to do.

3. Maintaining your extensions: Extensions, a pain to maintain? Not anymore! Thanks to advances in the field, extensions are no more difficult to maintain than your natural hair. No need to change your shampoo or your washing frequency: just make sure you don't press too hard when rubbing in your shampoo. Use a detangler on the lengths and comb your hair whilst rinsing: this will help avoid knots.

4. Hairstyling with extensions: Want a smooth blow-dry or beautiful curls with your extensions? There's no reason you can't style them as if they were your own hair, especially if your extensions are made of natural hair. Permanent and temporary dyes are also possible with extensions as long as you respect the exposure times.

5. Risks to your real hair: Extensions can prevent your real hair from breathing because they act like a foreign body. Fragile and damaged, your natural hair may seem weak when you remove the extensions. The best way to limit the damage is to put only a few extensions in to add length and volume without placing extensions on your whole head.

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