This Private Hospital Is Offering Something Beautiful To New Parents

A ​​genius idea! A private maternity hospital in Grenoble is now offering a double bed to parents to enjoy a good night's sleep after the birth of their child. A beautiful initiative that bears the partner in mind. Kudos! Check out the video for more on the story!

Welcoming a baby is a milestone that one wants to live fully, with their partner, but the partners are often ousted. Reception conditions are sometimes difficult and uncomfortable extra beds are often the only solution.

But a private maternity hospital in Grenoble had a genius idea with these double beds and started a fundraiser on Kocoriko. Thanks to 130 donors who raised just under £6,900, the establishment was able to buy two double beds to "welcome the partner in maternities,"  as seen on their official Instagram account.

The goal is for the couple to "feel at home and foster the parent-child bond by allowing oxytocin, the hormone of connection and love, to continue to do its job". Overall, a very nice initiative from this maternity, which deserves to be commended.

Don't forget to check out the video to find out more! 

By Ruby Smith
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