This Is The Real Reason You Should Watch Out For Scorpios

This Is The Real Reason You Should Watch Out For Scorpios

Aggressive, Machiavellian, mysterious... Scorpio doesn't always have a good reputation. Do we really have to be wary of Scorpios though? We give you the lowdown...

Scorpio is the most complex sign of the zodiac. People connected to this sign often have excessive behaviour; with them, it's all or nothing; they never do anything in a half-assed way - but rather with passion.

Possessive, manipulative... The list of their bad characteristics can seem quite long, but everything is a question of one's point of view! It's difficult to pin a Scorpio down because they're very mysterious. This is its way of protecting itself, as it's suspicious of everyone. But when Scorpios love, it's 100% real.

On the other hand, Scorpio's tendency towards self-destruction can be harmful for those around them. They are frank and sincere, which is not to everyone's taste. Scorpios know how to be particularly resentful of people who have dared to betray them, but one should know that a Scorpio never attacks first- just as the scorpion stings only to defend itself.

So, if a Scorpio shows themself to be aggressive, this is because they have been deeply hurt.

Their provocative side must be taken with lightness; it's important to counterbalance the Drama Queen side - so as not to reach extremes.

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Scorpio’s intuition is important to them when it comes to their friends and family - a Scorpio will know all your secrets, so lying to people of this sign is a very bad idea.

One thing is certain: it's better to be a Scorpio's friend rather than their enemy.

Check out the video above for more on Scorpios... 

Sophie West
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