Here Is What Animal You Should Adopt According To Your Star Sign

Are you still undecided about whether to get a dog or a cat? To help you make your mind up, discover which animal corresponds best to your star sign below.

1. Aries:

A German Shepherd. You need a dog that needs to let loose a lot.

2. Taurus:

A big lapdog for on the sofa or a turtle. You like to take your time with things, so your animal should as well.

3. Gemini:

A golden retriever or a parrot. An animal that you can be completely open with.

4. Cancer:

An animal that the entire family can enjoy. A small rodent or a French Bulldog would be best as they are good with children.

5. Leo:

A rarer animal. Since you love attracting attention, you should adopt a chinchilla or an Afghan hound.

6. Virgo:

A calm and obedient animal. Forget about birds, a Labrador or an Australian sheepdog are the best pets for you.

7. Libra:

A charming animal. You have a taste for aesthetics and could even bring your poodle to the groomer with you.

8. Scorpio:

An unusual animal. You like felines so should go for a Siamese or a hairless cat.

9. Sagittarius:

A loyal companion. Adopt a small affectionate dog or a sociable cat.

10. Capricorn:

A wilful animal. Adopt a strong and loyal animal like a Siberian husky or a sheepdog.

11. Aquarius:

An independent animal, just like you! A Pekinese would make you very happy.

12. Pisces:

Definitely fish! You’d really like a fish tank with some Koi fish or a cat so you can listen to its purring.

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