How To Celebrate Your 20th Wedding Anniversary

If you are celebrating 20 years of marriage, you have reached the significant milestone of the china wedding anniversary. Ohmymag brings you some great ideas on how to celebrate with the love of your life!

How To Celebrate Your 20 Year Wedding Anniversary

1. 20 years of marriage: For your twentieth anniversary, it is traditional to celebrate the china wedding. Each anniversary is given a material, for example paper (1 year of marriage), tin (10 years of marriage), oak (80 years of marriage). There is not necessarily a progression in the strength or value of the chosen symbol. Indeed, it can be a metal, a gemstone, a flower or a tree essence. For the twentieth wedding anniversary, china is the chosen symbol.

Despite the ups and downs, the years have passed and your love has evolved to last more than two decades. Your relationship is strong and celebrating 20 years of marriage is also a chance to prove and reaffirm to your soulmate that the love between you is indeed still present. So take yield of this precious moment.

2. How to celebrate 20 years of marriage: For anniversaries of round numbers (10 years, 20 years, 30 years etc.) many couples choose to celebrate surrounded by all their friends and family. You could organise a disco to party until the end of the night, or a barbecue in the garden - there are so many possibilities. Start by sending out invitations to all of your loved ones!

However, some couples prefer to spend their anniversary alone. Take advantage of this anniversary to go out for a romantic dinner for two, or to take a trip abroad together.

3. Gift ideas for your 20th anniversary: Commemorate the first 20 years of your marriage with the perfect gift for your other half. You can of course offer a china present to respect the theme of the anniversary. Options include a decorative object, a vase, crockery or a piece of jewellery. You can find china objects that are in a more modern style if you're worried they won't go with your decor.

On the other hand, if you're not concerned about keeping to the theme, you could give your other half a piece of jewellery, theatre or concert tickets, a work of art or a spa day for two.

Another sweet idea is to choose twenty small gifts - of course, including flowers and chocolate - with each marking each year of happiness. Nothing says more about the love shared over several years than a sincere, personal and thought-filled gift to your significant other. Make the moment more special by treating them to their favourite activity, big or small. This can include taking them to their favourite restaurant or going to see their favourite play. Take time to reflect upon the time you've spent together and congratulate yourselves on reaching two decades together as a couple.

Most importantly, take time to appreciate one another, no matter how you celebrate the wonderful years you've spent as one. Happy anniversary...

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