Great Gift Ideas For Your 7 Year Wedding Anniversary

Already 7 years of marriage on the clock and you're celebrating your wool wedding anniversary. We bring you great ideas to make this seventh anniversary a unique and fabulous event.

Make Your 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Memorable

1. What is it: Wool is a textile fibre of animal origin, known and used by humans for thousands of years. It represents comfort, softness, safety, and warmth. In 7 years of marriage, the couple has built their nest and woven precious links. The couple still has many things to live through before reaching the oak wedding anniversary. Your love must continue to warm your heart, to be a source of tenderness and comfort. Essential ingredients for a healthy and sustainable union.

2. How to celebrate: 7 years of marriage is the perfect opportunity to reconnect as a couple and rekindle the flame of love. For example, you could organise a romantic picnic. Take out the blanket (wool to keep to the theme) and enjoy a special moment just the two of you. But being outside doesn't mean you can't be chic and glamourous. Don't even think about paper plates and cups!

Your favourite place in the world? Under the duvet (obviously wool)! Take some time to yourselves under the covers. Surprise him with a romantic and gourmet breakfast. On the menu: sweetness, warmth and lots of good things to eat. Snuggle up warm in each other's arms and watch a good movie.

Are you two full of wanderlust? Give yourselves a second honeymoon. In New Zealand, Australia or South America for example. It is in these countries that we find the finest and most noble wools in the world.

3. Gift ideas for 7 years of marriage: Looking for nice ideas to pamper your man for your 7 years anniversary? Consider a cashmere jumper. It may not be the most original gift, but it will definitely be appreciated. Tender and sweet, precious cashmere is a safe bet to please your other half. Or why not a bobble hat? At the same time trendy, mellow and comfortable, it will keep your love warm.

Your darling will surely be delighted to receive a cosy wool scarf. Especially if it is knitted with love - as knitting is very trendy right now. And why not merino wool underwear? This is a chic present that will definitely be appreciated.

Remember, however, you don't have to give a gift related to wool. You can also improvise, offering your partner a gift that will make them really happy.

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