Watch the cute moment an orangutan tries on sunglasses after tourist drops them at zoo

A video has gone viral showing an orangutan casually trying on a pair of sunglasses.

A video posted on social media showing an orangutan trying on a pair of sunglasses at a zoo in Indonesia has exploded on the internet.

Chimp with sunglasses

After a woman accidentally dropped her sunnies in an enclosure in which a mother orangutan and her baby were in, the video that was filmed of the ensuing scenes were the last thing to be expected! User Lola Testu initially thought the chimp would proceed to break the sunglasses after picking them up. Instead, what she caught on camera is quite possibly one of the cutest chimp videos we've ever seen!

The mama chimp tries on the pair of sunglasses while holding her baby with her other arm and, we must say, she looks pretty darn cool doing so.


So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story #monke

♬ original sound - Lola Testu

At one point in the video, the baby chimp tries to reach for the glasses to try them on for itself before the mother swiftly prevents it from doing so. Ultimately, the mother chimp loses interest in the pair of sunnies and chucks them away.

Viral video

Since first being posted, the video has amassed over 25 million times on TikTok and gained more than 6.4 million likes. Comments have poured in pointing out the similarities between orangutan and human behaviour. One user jokingly said:

I swear they can talk but just don't want to pay taxes.

And another added:

I don't get it. How do they just know automatically to put it on their eyes.

While others were more concerned with the baby's attempt at trying the sunglasses too:

When she pushed the baby's hand she was like 'honey don't touch these.'


The baby tries to grab them and she pushes him away... she's like nah fam these are mine.
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