These are two main reasons why your dog stares at you

Every dog has a way of looking at you which means something, but you don’t know exactly for sure what it is. Now you would know what they mean.

While we love our dogs as much as we can, their stares can confuse us at times. If you have a dog, you’d know it spends most of its time staring at you. Their stares could mean that they want something from you or they want to be left alone. Canine behaviourist and trainer, Adem Fehmi, from Barking Heads spoke to The Mirror and categorised a dog’s stare into two main categories. However, Adam does emphasise that approaching a dog should be done only after judging their body language to avoid any unfortunate events.

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The longing stare

The longing stare, according to Adam, is the stare that they want something from you. Typically, this stare comes when you’re eating something that looks delicious and your dog wants a bite or when they want to be loved, cuddled or caressed. This also comes in handy to guilt the dog owners into a walking time or playtime. Adam claims that in this scenario the dogs would be rather physically close to their humans to instigate affection. They may also have a wagging tail so you’d know for sure, it’s a friendly and lovable stare.

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The warning stare

It’s exactly what you mentally picture it would be. The warning stare is your dog’s sign to let you know they need space. It’s usually put together with a tensed body language, making the whites of their eyes more visible. As such, it is also referred to as the ‘whale eye.’ Their stare not only signifies they need space but also suggests that they may be anxious, fearful or in an aggressive mood. Adam adds:

In these contexts, the stare can be either directly face on or sometimes the stare can come from a sideward angle.

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