Pitbull Savagely Attacks Woman While Riding The New York Subway

Riders in the New York subway were witnesses to a shocking sight after a dog seemingly attacked an unsuspecting woman out of the blue. However, some say the dog may not be to blame.

Several videos have appeared on the internet after New Yorkers captured a scene between a pit bull and a woman unfolding in a subway just this week.

A relentless pit bull attack

Onlookers witnessed this pit bull attack, bite, and pull the leg of an innocent woman seated in the subway car. For several minutes, the owner and several other witnesses attempted to force the dog to stop to no avail. After the dog moved on to the foot, the woman removed her shoe and was able to free herself from the dog's grasp.

A vicious animal... or merely a faithful companion?

Following the attack, witnesses berated the man for letting his animal commit such a savage act. 'Call the police!' one man shouted. 'You're going to jail now and he's going to get euthanised', another yelled. However, according to some witnesses, the dog may not be in the wrong.

According to those present at the time of the attack, it was the woman who provoked the incident after she attacked the dog's owner. The dog was sat in a seat and the woman became upset that the man would not remove it. The dog, in an effort to defend its owner, jumped into the fray.

What may come of this attack is yet to be seen. Will the dog see a strict punishment due to the attack or will the owner be let off with a warning?

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