Nobody Wanted To Touch Him But When She Approached Him, The Cat’s Reaction Deeply Moved Her

Because this cat named Valentino had an infection, he was unable to open his eyes anymore. It seemed as though the kitten would spend the rest of his life in an animal shelter. But his desire to live on, be loved and receive affection made this miracle possible.

Valentino was brought to an animal shelter with a nasty eye infection and no one knew where he came from. But then Elaine Seamans walked past his cage and saw Valentino begging for love and affection.

The start of his new life

‘I opened his cage door after being shocked by his appearance. He stood up and almost fell over, but he turned and came to me,’ as Elaine told Love Meow.

With all the strength he still had, Valentino reached out and touched Elaine with his paw. Elaine couldn’t resist this incredibly moving desire for affection and hugged the sick, abandoned tomcat and this moment became a turning point in the cat’s life. As we well know, animal shelters often end up bringing people and their future companions together.

Endless cuddles

Valentino then began his tough fight to survive with the loving care of an animal welfare association called Leave No Pets Behind who was very moved by the fate of the little fighter (in some cases, all it takes is one person who cares about animals so much to save an animal’s life).

He got better little by little with every passing day and today, he is enjoying his new life in his new home with his loving family who spoils him with cuddles and affection. He still can’t get enough of them.

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