‘Hero’ dog struggles to find a forever home

A dog became a hero after assisting in the recovery of a missing companion, but he is still looking for his forever home.

The two-year-old lurcher George hopes that his bravery will earn him a family's heart. George was called in to assist in the search for his worried buddy – Louis. Louis had gone missing just days after being adopted by his new family.

When Louis was adopted by the RSPCA Lancashire East branch in Accrington, the staff was thrilled. However, the Saluki-cross got scared while out on a stroll and managed to escape out of his collar and leash.

Hero of the day!

Jeanette Ainscough, the centre manager, explained that Louis was always a cautious dog by nature. However, he and George formed a great connection while the two were together at the centre. When Louis found his new home, George felt really heartbroken as he had lost one of his favourite buddies. Despite extensive searches and the assistance of a local tracking organisation, Louis was too terrified to come from hiding. Staff from the RSPCA also went out to assist in the hunt but were unsuccessful. And that is when the hero came to save the day. Jeanette confirmed:

He’d been missing for well over 24 hours so we decided to bring in the big guns: George. Animal care assistant Emily took George to the area of Townley Park Louis had been seen in and walked him around the area.
They spent over two hours walking but, without a single sighting, they were just getting ready to call it a day when George stopped and froze to the spot, staring at a specific area in the distance. Then, out of nowhere, Louis appeared.
George had a great time on his day out and was an absolute superstar in assisting us in catching Louis. He was the saviour of the day!

Home for a hero

After being abandoned in a wooded region, George was retrieved for the first time. He was adopted, but his new owners were unable to care for him, so he was returned. George has been eligible for rehoming since September, but there has been little interest in him, even though his heroics may change that.

George is characterised as a livewire who requires an owner with previous experience with energetic dogs. He adores other dogs but may be intimidating to some. Meaning, he still needs to learn how to be around other dogs. When he is off-lead, he needs to wear a muzzle since he has a strong chase impulse, but he walks gently on the leash and enjoys going on walks. An active home with proper introductions would be a perfect home for him. Before new owners can begin teaching him how to be at home alone, he may require some time to settle into his new home and routine.

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