Blind dog needs a loving home after nearly starving to death on the streets

After nearly starving to death on the streets, a blind dog searches for a loving and caring home.

Despite everything he's been through, Doru has been described as an incredibly trustworthy and affectionate dog. He would make a wonderful family pet for the right owner. He has nothing but love to give, but he has been unable to find a home due to his illness. Doru is approximately 4-year-old and is entirely blind. So, potential owners who don't want a crippled dog keep dismissing him.

Find a home

Doru was found as a stray and is now being cared for by foster carers in Lancashire, but he is yearning to find a permanent home. The medium-sized dog, which is currently underweight at only 13.5kg, is progressively regaining fatty tissue and muscle. Blind Dog Rescue UK, which has started a rehoming campaign, said in a statement:

Doru is a very good and friendly boy. He is good with other dogs and people. He hasn't been cat tested. Doru would love a home with a garden and can live with another dog for company.

He's been described as a very trusting and lovable dog with a lot of energy that enjoys going for walks. However, he can be frightened when walking in new places and would need to be kept on a leash near to his owner. Doru's foster family expressed their gratitude by saying:

He is not bothered by house noises and ignores cats, squirrels and ducks in the park. He is quite quiet. He is very quick to learn and now sits and waits on command and has stopped snatching treats. He is gentle and playful with other dogs.

Love is blind

Blind Dog Rescue UK find homes for blind and partially sighted dogs who have been through the worst of humanity but still have the incredible ability to adapt, love, and advocate for blind dogs everywhere. Many of the dogs in their care have been abused, neglected, or are suffering from disease or trauma, and are battling for their lives in shelters. According to a statement from Blind Dog Rescue UK,

It is incredibly difficult for sighted dogs to survive any length of time in these shelters let alone blind or partially sighted dogs. We need to get to these dogs quickly and secure their immediate release and treatment.
These dogs may have been deliberately blinded, involved in road traffic accidents or long-term sufferers of painful conditions such as glaucoma. They need veterinary care and to be given the safety and comfort of a foster home in which to start healing.

To adopt Doru, or find out more information about him, contact Blind Dog Rescue UK via their website.

This visually impaired dog is nearing the end of his life is in need of a loving home This visually impaired dog is nearing the end of his life is in need of a loving home