A tiny kitten has been found abandoned in a plastic bag

Once again, another case of animal abuse comes to light. This time, the victim is the most adorable kitten.

Animal neglect is not only a form of abuse that has physical ramifications on an animal but it can deeply damage an animal psychologically as well. The effects of mental and physical abuse can sometimes last a lifetime for these animals, and many times it's difficult for them to really return back to its original self.

This little kitten, named Davi, was thankfully saved before the abuse ended his life and now his life has been completely transformed—for the better!

Abandoned in a plastic bag

When Aline Martins went out for her usual walk with her dog, she saw something rather unusual. She spotted an abandoned trash bag on her route, and she decided to see what it was doing there. Thank god that she did!

Aline started frantically opening up the bag and she found something that shocked her. Inside the plastic bag, there was a tiny, frail, and helpless kitten who was fighting to stay alive. The bag had been sealed shut, and the kitten had been suffocating and gasping for air for who knows how much time.

After discovering this poor kitten abandoned in a plastic bag, Aline Martins did everything she could to save the adorable fluff ball. Since Davi was a just a little kitten whenshe rescued him, Davi quickly got over the trauma and got comfortable at his new home in just a few days. The before and after pictures of Davi really show how much love and support he received from Aline.

Report animal abuse

If you or anyone you know knows of a case of animal abuse and would like to report it, make sure to check out the official website of the RSPCA where you can submit any info relevant to the liberation of an animal in need.

Check out the video above to see Davi's happily ever after!

She Found A Litter Of Abandoned Kittens, What Happened Next Is Unbelievable She Found A Litter Of Abandoned Kittens, What Happened Next Is Unbelievable