A Monkey Traumatized Ducklings In This Shocking Scene

A Monkey Traumatized Ducklings In This Shocking Scene

This video, which was recorded at a zoo in Amsterdam, will leave the most sensitive of you horrified. A baboon chased a mother duck and its young and managed to capture them. It ate the two ducklings under the eyes of perplexed visitors of the park. Check out the video to find out more!

It was time to eat and this monkey had no mercy. This is what visitors of the Dieren Park zoo witnessed. The images show how the vicious animal attacked the poor defenseless ducklings.

The mother duck desperately tried to protect her young from the attack of the predator. She tried to take them to a safe place but to no avail. They did not manage to cross the wooden bridge of the enclosure.

The baboon captured the ducklings and with incredible violence, it tore off their heads before eating them. At that time, several children witnessed the scene and, seeing the bloody spectacle, they were terrified. You can hear their cries of horror in the recording.

Although these images may offend certain people, biologists recall that baboons are omnivores. They usually eat meat in their natural habitat and that is why this type of scene is not so surprising.

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Check out the video to find out more! 

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