5 Dogs That Stay Small Their Entire Lives

Dogs that always look like puppies, they’re so cute. Here are 5 breeds of dogs that stay small their entire lives.

We’re all aware of the fact that dogs grow way too fast! They are so cute when they are puppies. But rest assured, it is possible to have your little ball of fluff for a long time if you have one of these breeds that stay small their entire lives. Check out these 5 dogs that will always easily fit in your handbag!


Pomskies are dogs that look like baby Huskies for their entire lives. To be more precise, they are a cross between a Dwarf Spitz and a Husky, what a good mix! They often have blue or brown eyes and medium-length hair but can get quite chunky despite their small size. These dogs are very active and quite impatient. They need lots of attention, but because of their adorable faces, it’s difficult not to give in to them.

Yorkshire Toy

As the name indicates, Yorkshire Toys are tiny little Yorkies and are so small that they could even fit in the palm of your hand. These dogs are so timid and need lots of attention, so it’s possible you’ll develop a real bond with your little companion. We love them!

Dwarf Spitz

With their cute little faces, Dwarf Spitzes really make us melt inside! These little dogs are so active and friendly and despite their very ‘fluffy’ appearance, Dwarf Spitzes are as light as a feather. Adorable!


Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world. Very cuddly and affectionate, these dogs need to form strong connections with their masters. But be careful, some of them can become super attached to their owners.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are tiny and very skinny dogs. They are very easy to live with and easily adjust to others. They are very playful by nature but also very cuddly and are the ideal dog for families with children.

So, which miniature dog do you prefer?

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