This Is Which Alcohol You Should Be Drinking to Avoid Hangovers

Do you have a big night out planned and you want to avoid a difficult day after? Here are the alcohols you should be drinking!

It happens to all of us: we promise ourselves we won’t overdo it, and the next day we spend the day in bed (or near the toilet) regretting how much we drank the night before. No matter how old we are, we never seem to learn this lesson. The best solution? Allow yourself to drink and party as much as you want, but with the right alcohols and a few tricks.

Some alcoholic beverages can give you a hangover the next day. Here are our tips to help you party without sacrificing the next day.

Avoid mixing drinks

Unsurprisingly, mixing drinks should be avoided. An evening which starts with a beer, and continues with a glass of red wine, a mojito, apple vodka, and finally some champagne will inevitably end with a headache, or worse. Try to stick to the same range of alcohols, and don't mix more than three different alcohols.

Favour clear alcohol

Clear alcohols such as vodka, gin, tequila, and white rum contain fewer impurities related to fermentation, which will help prevent you from feeling nauseous the next day. So avoid whisky, red wine, and beer (or consume in reasonable quantities).

Avoid fizzy drinks in cocktails

If you decide to make a cocktail by mixing alcohol with a soda or other sweet drink, you will drink faster and your blood alcohol level will be very high. This is because the alcohol is absorbed more quickly. In addition, sweet and carbonated drinks also cause bloating.

Drink water between drinks

This trick that we always hear about works well, we can assure you. Drinking a glass of water regularly throughout the evening will keep you hydrated. It is a lack of hydration which contributes to a difficult morning, so always keep a bottle of water close by.

Coconut water can also be a good solution. It contains potassium, which is essential for restoring the body.

A balanced diet

The day after is often accompanied by a big plate of pasta, a burger, or a kebab. The body craves sugar and fat, just like what you consumed the night before. The best solution is to do the opposite. Get rid of the fat and eat vegetables and fruit instead, which will rebalance your body with healthy products and proteins. Digestion will be easier and you'll get over your hangover faster. Cheers!

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