This Woman Decides To Make A Huge Change And Now Looks Stunning

This Woman Decides To Make A Huge Change And Now Looks Stunning

This Canadian lost half her bodyweight - almost 8 stone - in order to become a bikini model! Her transformation is incredible. Now, she's sharing her weight loss advice. Watch our video to learn more about Donna's story! 

The Details

Donna Gillie had always had a hard time with her weight. As a teenager and young adult she already felt uncomfortable with her body. When she started a new job, she decided to make some drastic changes to take control of her weight. You'll see how well her efforts paid off. Donna was 22 years old when she made this life-changing decision. She remembers the moment well, 'I can still see myself now, sitting in front of my desk on the first day at my new job. I felt very uncomfortable'.

She started to eat more and more fruits and vegetables and stopped eating ready meals, processed and fast food. Little by little, the results started to show. To complement the diet, Donna also signed up to the gym where she took part in Zumba classes. Today, Donna weighs half of what she did 8 years ago at 8 stone. She has worked hard at sculpting her figure in order to take part in bikini modelling competitions. Seriously impressive! 

• Emma Jensen
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