Someone Just Bought This Beautiful £845,000 Mansion For Just £2

Someone Just Bought This Beautiful £845,000 Mansion For Just £2

This 6-bedroom manor house in Lancashire has just been bought for the bargain price of £2. Yes, you read that right - 51-year-old Marie Segar from Warrington is now the proud owner of this gorgeous home for less than you spend on a return bus fare. Watch our video to see how this was made possible!

The Details

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? You're probably wondering what the catch is. Well, there really isn't one!

1. The owners: Previous owners Dunstan Low and Natasha Dobosz had been struggling to keep up on mortgage payments since Dunstan faced a drop in income shortly after moving into the mansion. With the economy as it is, however, selling the house meant they would have to accept a price below what they wanted. They had tried and failed to sell the house via traditional methods and were faced with the threat of repossession.

2. Their idea: So they came up with an ingenious idea. In order to raise their target of £1m, they decided to sell raffle tickets for the house at £2 each. And it worked! They sold just short of 500,000 tickets which raised £998,518. Dunstan estimates that after expenses, they will be left with around £850,000, allowing them to break even.

3. The outcome: Marie Segar, meanwhile, had bought 10 tickets for a grand total of £20 on the dream home! Stamp duty and legal fees are covered and the house comes with an impressive selection of furniture included. The kitchen boasts an LG fridge-freezer, a built-in Bosch microwave and oven and a Bosch wine cooler - nothing says fancy like a separate fridge for your wine, right? The house has six bedrooms - two with walk-in wardrobes and one with an ensuite, gardens to the front, side and rear, and a horseshoe driveway with enough parking for six cars. It sounds AMAZING - we're not jealous at all.

• Emma Jensen
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