Zara Is Selling Their Sequined Fringe Dress For Less Than £10

The leading Inditex brand is lowering the prices of some of their most popular and requested items. And one of their most beautiful and stylish dresses of the season has caught our eye. This store really is a trend-setter, that’s for sure.

Zara Is Selling Their Sequined Fringe Dress For Less Than £10
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The sales have arrived and the first thing we did was head on over to our favourite shop that we so often talk about, Zara. And once we were there, we were in heaven.

However, going to the sales in Zara isn’t as easy as it might sound, because you have to really root around if you want to find the best products at the best prices.

You can become overwhelmed because the clothes are usually strewn all over the place and in piles and it’s hard to find items that you really love. So to save you the trouble, we’ve done the hard work for you.

This amazing dress immediately caught our eye when we went to Zara’s recent sales. It is black, fringed, sequined and has straps that go over shoulders. Its straight cut means it would suit any body shape or size and would even make you look leaner and slimmer.

But the best part is the design, because this mix of jewels and decorations gives it a chic, yet casual touch, while at the same time remaining super elegant. It would be ideal for a meal out or even for the next big event you have coming up.

This dress is also the perfect length since it extends to just above your knees and so would expose your amazing tights if you chose to wear any. A light, black, vinyl pair or even a skin-coloured pair would look great.

And surprise! Before the sales started, the dress cost £29.99 but recently, Zara knocked off a whopping 70%... which means it only costs £7.99 now! If you’re interested, head over to their website while it’s still available.