This Village in Japan Is Dedicated Entirely to Foxes
This Village in Japan Is Dedicated Entirely to Foxes
This Village in Japan Is Dedicated Entirely to Foxes
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This village in Japan is dedicated entirely to foxes

By Johanna Garner

Join us to visit the cutest place on the planet that has cute free-roaming foxes. Watch our video to see more about this adorable place.

There are lots of wild animals in the world that people consider cute and adorable, like some species of big cats, for example. However, in some places of the world, other creatures are just as adored by the locals, just like in this village in Japan.

A trip to Japan

How would you like to travel to Japan to visitcute wild foxes?In Japanese culture, foxes are considered sacred animals and they even have a village that's dedicated to the foxes called Zao Fox Village which was established back in 1990 and attracts many international tourists even today. Many tourists share their photos on social media and call it 'the cutest place in the world'.

At Zao Fox Village, there are six different species of foxeswhich total to 100 and for about 100 yen (that's 66p) you can approach these animals and even feed them. However, you are not allowed to touch the animals because there are strict safety rules. Therefore, tourists have to be respectful to these wild animals at all times.

Other wild animal villages

Zao Fox Villageis not the first wild animal village in Japan, they also have one for rabbits and cats too. How great is that?

Check out the video above to see footage of the adorable animals in this village!

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