These were the finalists for the 2019 comedy wildlife photography awards

This is a highly-anticipated contest for animal photography enthusiasts: every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards rewards photographers for shooting the most unusual wildlife photos of 2019. Here are the finalists. Check out some of the funniest entries in the video above!

You can take a look at the finalists for the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Every year, this award is given to a photographer for shooting the most exceptional nature or wildlife photo of the year.

And 2019 was no exception: check out the funniest photos of 2019 in the gallery below!

25 of the 40 Funniest Photos of 2019

The 25 pictures you'll find below are a selection of our favourites, but there were actually 40 photographers in the running. We'll let you decide which one is your favourite!

Among those we've selected, you'll see a funny picture shot by photographer Thomas Mangelsen of a visibly heated argument between an emperor penguin and a fur seal.

"Amazingly, the fur seal didn't use its considerable size advantage to put a quick end to the fight," he said, surprised. He witnessed this on an island in South Georgia, Antarctica.

These hilarious wildlife photos were taken at the perfect moment These hilarious wildlife photos were taken at the perfect moment