This Mum Lost Over Half Her Bodyweight Without Ever Exercising

This Mum Lost Over Half Her Bodyweight Without Ever Exercising

Are you alternating between periods of diet and junk food, your weight yo-yo-ing and feeling in despair? Stop everything! This 27-year-old American has seen the figure on her scales halve without depriving herself of anything. In one year, Brittany Williams lost over half her bodyweight, all without going on a diet. Watch our video to learn how she made this possible.

Last year, Brittany Williams came to a critical point. After consecutive pregnancies, the young woman ate very badly and had reached the stage of obesity at over 18 stone. One day, she realised that she could no longer sit down to play with her children because of her weight. It had become too disabling. So Brittany decided to make an important resolution for the year: change her diet - the last step before resorting to surgery. 

Brittany now weighs just over 8 stone. Her story has been a huge success on social networks, and the young woman writes a blog where she reveals her secrets. Today she has more than 17,000 subscribers on Instagram and is dedicated to her new life as a blogger.

Check out the video to see her incredible transformation for yourself. 

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