Wedding Shoes Photo Ideas For The Bride

Wedding Shoes Photo Ideas
Wedding Shoes Photo Ideas

You are getting married and you have already chosen your dress and all you need are the shoes rights? Discover all the most beautiful trends, for every budget, whether you prefer ballerina flats or teetering high heels.

A few years ago, a bride did not have a lot of choice when it came to accessories, especially for the shoes: it was the white satin shoe and nothing else. Today, many brides want to stand out from the crowd and various different trends are emerging.

1. Bridal pumps: This shoe is a basic, but it comes with a range of possibilities. Glittery pumps have become especially popular. Louboutins or Fifi Strass are musts for fashionistas. If you are looking for something easier on the budget, Asos offers a multitude of brands and models. Many brands also offer "peep toe" shoes, which show the tips of the toes. A classic that brings a touch of class.

2. Bridal sandals: An alternative to the classic pumps. Here again, many possibilities exist. The fact that there is less material on the shoe also allows for some unusual detailing: satin, feathers, knots, or rhinestones.

3. Flat bridal shoes: Don't want to totter around on huge heels all evening? Flat shoes are perfectly acceptable. Bright colours are especially popular.