Original Wedding Ideas: 20 Ways To Include Greenery

Original Wedding Ideas: 20 Ways To Include Greenery
Original Wedding Ideas: 20 Ways To Include Greenery

For those looking for some wedding inspiration, find out how to adapt this colour according to the season you are getting married.

Greenery For Every Season

1. Greenery for a wedding in winter: We favour darker shades of green, especially foliage: fir for table runners, mistletoe for the hair, holly on the wedding cake. To go with the green, we suggest rather wintery colors: either stay light with silver tones, or immerse yourselves in the world of Christmas and go for red or burgundy.

2. Greenery for a spring wedding: Spring is the season of flowers. Whilst you can have fun with any variety of colours, don't forget to add plenty of foliage to stay in the theme. Organising a meal outside and in the countryside is also a great idea. In the spring, do not hesitate to use light green pastels, including sea green, anise green, opaline green or jade.

3. Greenery for a wedding in summer: In summer, we can afford to go for more vivid greens, and pair them with much more sunny colours. Thus, lime green and chartreuse green are particularly suitable for summer. Putting them with a lemon colour is a very good idea. You can also hold a ceremony outside and create an arch of flowers and leaves to host a ceremony. For the selection of flowers, some heat-resistant cactus will bring an original touch to the wedding.

4. Greenery for a wedding in autumn: As for winter, we recommend darker green tones. The fir tree is an excellent idea, and it can be teamed with golden or burgundy tones. Men can also choose to adopt green for their suit, and brides for their bridesmaids.

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