With This Game Changing Gadget You Can Do Three Years' Worth Of Laundry For Just £20

With the imminent decline of the planet on the way, many businesses and consumers alike are opting for environmentally-friendly alternatives to their daily products. However, when these products turn out to not just save our planet, but the money in our pockets as well, people are sure to flip out!

Laundry eggs are a brand new concept which aims to revolutionise the dreaded task of the weekly laundry as well as shredding pounds off of customer’s shopping lists. Moreover, by incorporating this innovative gadget, you would be helping to do your bit to save our environment.

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a nontoxic, phosphate-free and hypoallergenic alternative to detergent, but in layman terms this means cutting gout soap and by result saving hundreds!

The life-changing gadget is up for sale on Amazon for £7.99 and is just on the edge of 1,000 five star customer reviews. You just have to skim over the comments section to see any number of encouraging reviews. One punny customer wrote:

“Eggcellent purchase. Washes really well and smells good. Does what it states.”

Another chimed in on the praises to say, “Have now bought 4 eco eggs and given as presents…they save you a lot of money as well as the environment...”

If you’re interested in using this product as a long-term laundry solution, the £7.99 option lasts for 54 washes, a £12.99 option lasts for 210, and for a price tag of just £21.99 you could be entirely covered for 720 washes.

Basically, if you opt for the latter and tend to do around four-five loads on average per week this would transpire to three years of laundry for a budget-friendly £20!

Check out the video to find out how these Ecoeggs work!

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