Watch this adorable bat devour a banana

An adorable bat has been causing quite the buzz on the internet. It devoured a banana after being rescued and the video is simply delicious!

Animals never fail to surprise us! A bat melted hearts on the web by devouring a banana while someone filmed.

An adorable bat

The internet is full of cute videos of animals, some filmed by regular people, others by veterinary services around the world. But what they all have in common is that they show us nature in a way we have never seen it before. An example is this adorable baby bat filmed while eating a banana!

We love to share these kinds of beautiful videos with you, that have the double merit of being super cute, but also of making us discover unusual animals that are not often seen by the general public... Bats are not usually very popular animals. However, this little bat could reconcile you with this species.

She devours a banana and enjoys every minute of it

There are many preconceived ideas about bats that explain why they are not very popular with humans. According to legend, they can get caught in your hair... However, this myth is completely untrue, as they are very good at finding their way around using ultrasound. Moreover, this little bat seems completely harmless wrapped in its towel. It was rescued and someone did not hesitate to feed it a banana.

As you can see in the video, the bat eats the whole banana and really seems to be enjoying it. It keeps its big round eyes open and can see everything going on around it. This little animal surely enjoyed eating its banana, but more importantly, it seems to have made a new friend. The person who took care of the bat is an animal lover and must have really pampered the animal!

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