Waitress expels a CEO from the restaurant and gets $40,000 tip

A waitress is filmed expelling a CEO from a restaurant and is celebrated by the internet and the restaurant for doing so.

Jennica Cochran, a waitress in a luxury restaurant in Silicon Valley, California, transforms into an everyday hero in a matter of seconds as she protects an Asian family from racial slurs from another customer at their establishment.

For her selfless intervention, Jennica looks forward to a hefty tip.

Racist slurs

Jordan Chan wanted to celebrate her aunt's birthday. After the long isolation at home, it felt good to finally spend a nice evening together again in a larger circle. But the gathering was abruptly disrupted when a guest at the next table begins to attack the Asian family with racist insults.

In video footage, the man at the next table can be seen threatening them that Trump will kick them out of the country. This is followed by a series of savage insults.

Waitress confronts toxic CEO

But the bully, who ironically is later identified not as an American but as a British CEO, Michael Lofthouse, is asked to leave the restaurant immediately. Jennica later explains her motives for doing so and explains to ABC7 that:

I just did what needed to be done. I did what anyone else would do in that situation, or at least should do. I felt I had to protect her. No one can come here and treat people like that.

The Internet community, which became aware of the waitress thanks to video, applauds Jennica. Some users set up a total of three GoFundMe campaigns to thank the everyday heroine with donations. In the meantime, 40 thousand dollars have already been collected!

The incident at the restaurant shows that racism is still prevalent in the society.

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