This Plus-Size Model Walked The Runway To Denounce Unrealistic Beauty Standards

This Plus-Size Model Walked The Runway To Denounce Unrealistic Beauty Standards

This 30-year-old model proudly walked the runway at the New York Fashion Week, challenging our unrealistic beauty standards.

For the occasion of the Chromat show at the New York Fashion Week, a plus size model sent a strong message with her outfit. Tess Holliday, a 34-year-old model who advocates body positivity and self-acceptance, walked the runway dressed in a white dress adorned with the phrase ‘sample size.’

This term, which is widely used in the fashion world, refers to the proportions standardised by fashion designers, which often correspond to size 0. Through this very symbolic outfit, the top model who wears a size 26 wanted to make a statement about the absolute slimness required to be a model.

According to, Tess Holliday describes her fashion show as ‘one of the most memorable and moving moments of her career.’

On the catwalk, she was joined by other women who advocated strong messages: Veronica Pome, the first Polynesian woman to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, an American magazine very popular in the field of sports, and by Mama Cax, a model who has a prosthetic leg.

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A movement that she has long defended

With her, no more taboos, you take responsibility for your own body. She launched her own campaign called #EffYourBeautyStandarrds in 2013.

Later, the young woman created an Instagram account, on which she shares photos of herself and others who dare to wear the clothes that they want, and who pose in swimwear or underwear. Fashion tends to diversify, which is a good thing!

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