What Was Hiding In The Back Of This Photo Caused Her Mother To Panic
What Was Hiding In The Back Of This Photo Caused Her Mother To Panic
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What Was Hiding In The Back Of This Photo Caused Her Mother To Panic

After this mother looked at a photo of her daughter that she had just taken, she froze with fear. There was something in the photo that showed her just how much danger her child was in.

Photos can be used to capture moments, memories, but can also reveal things that may have previously gone unnoticed. There are quite a few cases in which parents have noticed something was wrong with their children with a camera or a camera flash that could have previously gone unnoticed to the naked eye. And then there are cases in which it ends up being outsiders who spot these strange details in photos better than you ever could.

Joy Mills, a mother from Alabama (USA) is one of these people. After taking a photo of her daughter, she noticed just how much immediate danger her child was in.

Shock after taking a photo

Joy Mills was very proud of her daughter. On her first day of school in seventh grade (Year 8), her mother wanted to immortalise this lovely day with a photo. And so, they went and found a nice background, and that’s exactly what they did.

Her daughter stood in front of a tree where the light was shining nicely through the green leaves. It looked like the perfect place to immortalise this day forever.

However, when Joy pushed the button to take the photo and then looked down at her camera, she froze in shock. There was a huge snake on the tree behind her, so perfectly camouflaged with the bark that neither of them had seen the dangerous animal beforehand.

Escaping danger

In a panic, she lured her daughter away from the danger as quickly as possible, without telling her that the snake was there so she didn’t make any sudden movements or scream and startle the animal. It’s impossible to know just how the snake would have reacted in a situation like that. All said and done, her plan luckily worked and the two of them walked away in shock, but with a great story for her first day back at school.

By Lindsay Wilson

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