This 'Budget Queen' Feeds Her Family Of Five For Less Than £40 A Week

This 'Budget Queen' Feeds Her Family Of Five For Less Than £40 A Week

Danielle Ross is known as 'the queen of the budget' online. Why? She feeds her family-of-five for less than £40 a week. 

30-year-old mum Danielle Ross is a real budget genius but how does she do it all? It's no secret, she uses a lot of vouchers and coupons and only buys supermarket own-brand products from Aldi and Lidl.

Danielle has over 22,000 followers on Facebook where she shares her budgeting tips with other families.

Among Danielle's top tips are swapping sandwiches in packed lunches for cold pasta salads - as a 30p bag of pasta is cheaper and goes further than a loaf of bread.  

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Some of her yummy budget meals include pitta pizzas and Chinese noodles with chicken and vegetables.

She also teaches her children about the value of money by giving them each £1 to spend when they visit the supermarket every week.

What does her husband think of all this? Well, he's part of the money-saving process too! Her husband will not eat out at any restaurants and he insists on taking a packed lunch to work everyday. With her clever budgeting hacks and ideas, Danielle Ross saves over £350 per month on her shopping. For the sceptical, Danielle has even shared her receipts, proving that she fed five people and a dog for under £40 a week!

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