Social Media Influencers' Incomes Soared In 2019
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Social Media Influencers' Incomes Soared In 2019

Social Media Influencers' Incomes Soared In 2019

In just 5 years, their revenues have increased twelve-fold.

Being an influencer is very lucrative, according to an Izea report cited by Business Insider. In 2014, social media ads (on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and blogs) cost nearly £105; a sponsored post is now worth £1,277 on average.

According to the influencer marketing platform, micro-influencers - those who have less than 100,000 followers - receive the same pay as those who have millions of subscribers.

The birth of sponsored content packages

In recent years, its use has evolved and sponsored content can now be shared in posts, as well as in Stories. To adapt to these changes, brands are now offering "sponsored content packages," says the news website.

Influencers like Katy Bellotte (168,000 followers) have a flat rate that usually includes a post and Instagram story, and a 30- to 60-second spot in a Youtube video. Brands pay about £ 386 to appear in her Stories, and £1,850 to £3,865 to be featured in a post on her Instagram feed, adds Business Insider.

As for micro-influencers, Caitlin Patton (24,900 subscribers), for example, says that she makes about £1,542 per sponsored content package.

By Nancy Youm

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