Her Tweet Has Gone Viral After She Posted A Note That She Wrote Herself A Year Before

She never imagined that a note she wrote herself in the past would make her go viral a year later. Cristina is a user on Twitter who recently shared a photo with her followers of a note which didn’t take long to receive lots of attention.

Cristina never imagined that something she did a year ago would go viral. This twitter user shared a photo with her fans that she had written herself in the past and now, the photo has received more than 32,000 likes and 5,600 retweets.

In her post, the twitter user explained what happened in order for her to receive so much attention. She was reorganising her wardrobe and her clothes due to the recent drop in temperatures which forced her to put away her strappy tops and summer dresses and get out her big, warm coats.

While she was doing this, she got quite a big surprise when she noticed that she was missing quite a lot of her clothes. Alarmed, she started to take everything out of her wardrobe when she suddenly came across a note which began by saying ‘Since you have quite a bad memory, Cris…’

And this opening part of her note turned out to be very true seeing as how this story then continues. The note that she wrote herself went on to say:

‘Remember that you have more of your clothes in Carlos’ attic (unless you haven’t already gotten rid of them)’ and finishing with a rather cute farewell.

‘All the best from past Cris, you’re the best. I love you!’

And this proves that the phrase ‘nobody knows you as you do’ really is true. It’s a good thing that Cristina decided to write herself this note a year earlier since we couldn’t even imagine how cold this winter would have turned out for her if she didn’t have her warm, fluffy coats.

Her post is still receiving attention and being shared by everyone on Twitter where lots of people have applauded Cris’ tactic to prevent her future self from having to deal with some inevitably complicated situations. Check out the video above for the full story and to see Cristina’s tweet.

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