He Planted Thousands Of Flowers For His Blind Wife

It all started with a husband's love for his wife, and if red roses mean ‘I love you,’ a flower garden certainly means eternal love. This husband took the concept of offering flowers to a loved one to a new level! Check out the video to see what he did!

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki were married in 1956. After thirty years of love and two children, the two spouses wanted to leave their farm in the small town of Shintomi, Japan. Unfortunately, their plans were turned upside down in a tragic way.

A declaration of love

At 52 years of age, Mrs. Kuroki went blind due to complications related to diabetes. To prevent his wife from falling into depression, Mr. Kuroki decided to plant flowers on his property, as reported by The Telegraph.

Ten, a hundred, then a thousand flowers grew on the couple's old farm. Every morning for two years now his wife gets up and goes for a walk in this new Garden of Eden.

Olfactory pleasure

Even if his wife cannot see the flowers with their bright pink colours, Mr. Kurokia decided to offer her an equally beautiful and powerful pleasure: that of perfume. The smell of these flowers was a great comfort on their fiftieth anniversary. She cannot travel the world, but her husband provides her with an incredible daily escape.

Ten years after the first flowers were planted, the love story between this blind woman and her husband has grown bigger than expected. Hundreds of visitors from Japan and elsewhere also come to stroll around this incredible space where Mrs. Kuroki walks around surrounded by pink flowers, smiling.

To see this garden watch the video above!

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