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ASOS Launches Crop Tops For Men And The Internet's Reaction Is Epic

This summer, there is a new fashion trend that is revolutionizing people on social networks: the crop top for men. ASOS has been a pioneer in launching this new trend, but will everyone be happy about it? Check out the video to find out more!

Amazing online store ASOS had a new idea that will transform several people's closets. These crop tops or boob tubes can be purchased through their website.

You can find them in different sizes and shapes: sweatshirt style, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirt, transparent, tight crop top, etc.

Obviously, it wasn't long before people started making all kinds of comments on it. For example: "If I see men dressed like that in the summer, I quit" (@MollieDollx)

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But other guys were delighted with this new trend and defended it tooth and nail: "It's fine by me. Uncles have been wearing similar clothing for years at boxing venues and on football fields. Why can't they be worn as everyday clothes?" (@johnecolon)

Besides, it was about time women women weren't the only ones to show off their navel and half of their stomach, right? Trends are changing!

Check out the video to find out more! 

By Ruby Smith
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