20 Years After Their Prom Photo, This Man Noticed Something Unbelievable About His Wife

While he was looking back at old photos of himself and his wife, this man began to wonder whether she was a vampire or not. Because when he looked at the photo from their junior prom 20 years earlier next to one that was taken more recently, he realised that his wife was wearing exactly the same dress. What was even creepier though was that she did not appear to have changed or aged since then… unlike him!

This couple’s story is crazy. The lovebirds met in college and are still married today. And yet, the young man was slightly traumatised when he decided to dive into old photos of his time at college.

When he placed the two photos, which you can find in the video above, side by side, the man got quite a shock. A shock that he was eager to share, in jest, on social media. He wrote: ‘My wife might be a vampire… Left: junior prom; Right, almost 20 years later, wearing the exact same dress.’

The photos are actually quite disturbing. His wife was dressed exactly the same 20 years later, with exactly the same face and exactly the same figure. Except for one minor detail: her haircut, but this doesn’t detract from the fact that his wife doesn’t seem to have aged in 20 years.

Her husband then humorously proposed his hypothesis: his wife has to be a vampire. We suspect that he has been watching Interview With A Vampire too much. But never mind, it is above everything else a hidden compliment. And it has to be said that his wife really has done well to age like that!

She Was Looking At Old Photos When She Noticed Something Horrifying She Was Looking At Old Photos When She Noticed Something Horrifying