Zara Holland Receives Verdict After Barbados Covid Breach
Zara Holland Receives Verdict After Barbados Covid Breach
Zara Holland Receives Verdict After Barbados Covid Breach
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Zara Holland Receives Verdict After Barbados Covid Breach

After breaking quarantine and attempting to flee Barbados on December 29th, Zara Holland appeared in court on Wednesday where she pleaded guilty.

Former Miss Great Britain and Love Island contestant Zara Holland has been ordered to pay a £4,417 fine ($12,000 Barbados dollars) after breaking the country’s strict Covid rules. Zara left quarantine and attempted to fly back to the UK on December 29th after her partner Elliot Love tested positive for Covid-19.

Zara Holland fined

After highlighting Zara’s charity work in the UK and respect for the people of Barbados in court, Zara’s lawyer, Andrew Pilgrim, told reporters outside:

We accepted the decision of the court. Miss Holland wants to express her sincere apologies to the entire nation of Barbados. At this point we have no further comment.

Zara must now pay the fine within seven days or face a nine-month jail sentence. Another tourist in Barbados, 49-year-old Dean George Scott from Jamaica, was sentenced to six months in prison last month as he was unable to pay a fine. He had briefly left quarantine at the start of December to buy snacks.

Zara Holland apologises to Barbados

Prior to her court appearance, Zara had already issued an official apology, saying: ‘I wish to apologise to the entire country of Barbados for what has been a massive mix up and misunderstanding. I am currently working closely with the local authorities to rectify any issues on my part and will issue an update and full statement which I think is the only right thing to do to the Government and citizens of Barbados.’

The former reality star, who holidays on the Caribbean island twice a year, continued:

I have been a guest of this lovely island in excess of 20 years and would never do anything to jeopardise an entire nation that I have nothing but loved and respect for and which has treated me as a family.
By Johanna Garner

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