Revealed: Things Weren't As They Appeared Behind The Scenes Of Pimp My Ride

What happens to the cars that are transformed on Pimp My Ride? Former participants of the show have spoken about their experiences and they’ve had a few bad surprises.

Everyone’s watched Pimp My Ride at least once in their life. The concept is that a team of mechanics and manufacturers transform an old car into a strange moving contraption. The programme was launched in 2004 on the American channel MTV. Since then, it has been broadcast multiple times in the UK.

Huffington post led a study on this subject. Were people who participated in the show disappointed by the result? While everyone agreed that the rapper-host Xzibit was very nice, some people complained about the alterations made. The exterior of the cars was modified, but the motor wasn’t. Worse still, some cars were given modifications solely for the purposes of the show, and were removed as soon as filming was over.

Another significant issue was raised: while on the show the cars appeared to stay in the garage for several days, they actually stayed there for around 6 months! Nevertheless, most of the show’s participants said they would appear on the show again if they were given the chance!

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