Luke T And Siânnise Unveil Topless Photos… Shot By Luke’s Dad
Luke T And Siânnise Unveil Topless Photos… Shot By Luke’s Dad
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Luke T And Siânnise Unveil Topless Photos… Shot By Luke’s Dad

Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge have got everyone talking again with a bold new photoshoot. The Love Island runners-up shared the stunning topless pictures to their Instagram feeds – before shocking fans by revealing that the steamy snaps were taken by Luke’s own dad!

There’s no denying that Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge were one of our favourite couples to come out of the villa this year. After spending the start of lockdown living with Luke’s family in Luton, the lovebirds have recently moved into their first home together, a luxury flat in London.

But before they moved, Luke and Siânnise had time to squeeze in an at-home photoshoot with Luke’s photographer dad – and some fans have been shocked that Siânnise was OK with posing topless in front of her potential future father-in-law. In the photos, both Siânnise and Luke are naked from the waist up, with Siânnise putting an arm across her chest to keep it PG.

Luke shared three of the photos that his dad took with the caption:

Helping my Dad pursue his passion of photography, throwback to our home photoshoot’. Meanwhile, Siânnise shared an outtake from the shoot to her own feed, writing: ‘The caught off guard pictures are always the best.

Whilst most of the couple’s fans were loving the pics, a couple thought it was a bit weird that Luke’s dad had seen so much of Siânnise. One commented on Luke’s feed: ‘Wait so you let your bird be half naked in front of your dad ? 😂’ - a reaction that has so far received almost 3000 likes.

Meanwhile, others argued that this was an immature attitude to have and that there was nothing wrong with it, with many pointing out that it was sexist to sexualise Siânnise being topless whilst having no problem with Luke not wearing a shirt. Siânnise herself also responded to the comment, saying: ‘I’m 26 years old and Luke’s dad is a professional photographer :)’.

By Kim Scott

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