Love Island’s Shaughna believes she had coronavirus

One of our favourite Winter Love Islanders, Shaughna Phillips has revealed that she is convinced that she had coronavirus whilst she was in the villa. The 25-year-old former democratic services officer took to social media to share her scary experience with her followers.

Shaughna Phillips has told her followers that she believes she caught coronavirus whilst she was filming Winter Love Island in South Africa this January. This weekend, Shaughna took to her Instagram story to tell her followers: ‘Thinking about it, I’m convinced I had the rona in the Love Island villa.’

She continued to describe the symptoms that she experienced whilst she was in the villa, saying: ‘I was ILLLLLLLLLL! Couldn’t breathe laying down and all that sh*t! @kittyure [Love Island assistant producer] back me up her pls and thnx’. However, it seems unlikely that Shaughna could have had the virus in the villa.

Shaughna was in the villa from January 12th until 14th February – and the first case of coronavirus in South Africa wasn’t confirmed until 5th March. The first confirmed cases in the UK came on 31st January – meaning it is also unlikely that Shaughna could have caught the virus before travelling to South Africa.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

The NHS advises that the most common symptoms of coronavirus, or Covid-19, are a high temperature or a new, continuous cough. Whilst most people infected will only suffer mild to moderate symptoms, the disease can be much more serious and even deadly for others, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Schools, pubs, restaurants and bars have now been closed across the United Kingdom and people are being urged to stay indoors to help halt the spread of the virus. Many countries across the world, including France and Italy have gone into lockdown, authorising only strictly necessary outings – and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested that these measures are likely to be brought in in the UK if people do not heed the advice to stay indoors and socially distance themselves.

Will Coronavirus cause Love Island to be cancelled this summer? Will Coronavirus cause Love Island to be cancelled this summer?