Love Island USA Has Aired A Brutal Double Dumping - And It Was Dramatic

The second series of Love Island USA may have only just kicked off in the UK last night, but across the pond the show is already two weeks in. On Monday, viewers in the US saw the fifth and sixth Islanders to be dumped from the villa - er, Vegas penthouse - and things got heated. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead if you're watching at UK pace...

Love Island USA Has Aired A Brutal Double Dumping - And It Was Dramatic
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Love Island USA season 2 kicked off on ITV2 on Monday night - finally filling the Love Island-shaped hole that's been in our lives all summer. But whilst this is a brand new series, the UK is two weeks behind the US airing of the show, which began on August 24th - and there have already been six dumpings!

Final warning, there are spoilers ahead for the latest US episode, so don’t read on if you’re watching at ITV2 pace and don’t want to find out what happens...

Monday night’s episode saw the bottom three couples as voted by the public facing elimination. These were Connor and Mackenzie, Kierstan and Carrington and Lauren and Tre. The three safe couples (Justine and Caleb, Moira and Calvin and Johnny and Cely) had to pick one couple to save - and they went for Connor and Mackenzie, the only two who were still in a romantic coupling.

But as UK viewers may well have guessed, there was another twist in store as the Islanders then had to choose one more guy and one more girl to save. After much deliberation, the boys decided to save Kierstan whilst the girls saved Carrington - meaning that Tre and the only Brit in the villa, Lauren, were dumped from the villa.

Tre took the dumping pretty well, sagely advising the remaining Islanders to 'always keep it real' with themselves. Lauren, on the other hand, who had only managed a total of five days in the Vegas villa decided not to bow out gracefully, instead slamming the other Islanders for being 'fake' and calling the other girls 'hos'.

But there's plenty more drama on the horizon, as the remaining five couples were hit with the bombshell that they'd be split up for the UK favourite Casa Amor challenge. The boys will be sent to Casa Amor with five new girls whilst the ladies will stay in the original villa - and welcome five sexy new guys...