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Love Island's Callum Has 'Done Bits' With Shaughna But Admits He Is Not Attracted To Her

Last Night on Love Island Shaughna admitted that she had 'done bits' will Callum under the sheets. Just moments before he admits that he is not sexually attracted to her.

Casa Amor has brought some saucy drama this season and heads are starting to turn. Contestant Callum Jones has admitted that he is feeling more of a connection with newcomer Molly Smith than he did with Shaughna Phillips.

As the boys left the villa, many left items for the girls on their beds as a sign of loyalty, but not Callum. Much to Shaughna's dismay he left nothing and has since been grafting hard with new contestant and fellow Manchester girl, Molly.

Callum has even admitted that he was not sexually attracted to Shaughna. After stating that when he looks at Molly he is overcome with lust:

"Every time I look at her I'm's a sexual attraction. It's massive. You can't help how you feel. This is a test at the end of the day."

When asked if he felt the same way about Shaughna he replied: "If I'm being honest, no."

This comes moments before Shaughna admits to the girls back in the Villa that she and Callum had 'done bits', sneaking in some action under the covers.

The democratic services officer was also pining after Callum stating that she was missing him and made a shocking statement:

"I just don't know what I'll do if he comes back with a girl. I wont be able to stay in this villa."

When quizzed on the relationship by Molly and Natalia Zoppa, Callum admitted that he was not planning on making his relationship with Shaughna official stating that if he was going to he "would have done it already".

Mixed reactions have been expressed on Twitter with many fans condemning Callum for being a 'snake' while others are sympathetic for Shaughna but are proud of Callum for finally playing his own game:

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